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Ashdown 300 Watt All Tube Bass Amplifier Head

Ashdown 300 Watt All Tube Bass Amplifier Head

$4,120.00 Regular Price
$3,299.00Sale Price

With a classic five valve preamp configuration and a fully-loaded power section consisting of 6 x KT88 output tubes to provide the huge grunt, warmth and headroom bassists crave, this is a serious bass amplifier to be called into action when only the best will do. From mellow '60s bass tone to growling '70s-style bass, straight through to thick and powerful modern tone, the CTM-300 covers a huge range of sonic ground. Hit the Mellow button to engage smooth, warm, clean tones – or punch it out to dial-in pure valve overdriven growl. Standard tone controls give you a wide range of uber-musical sounds, while Deep, Mid Shift, and Bright switches let you fine-tune your tone to the situation. The EQ section is a passive tone circuit - meaning if all controls are at zero there will be no sound through the amp. All the controls are highly interactive, giving you the possibility to dial in exactly what tone you want. Don’t be scared to dial the pots all the way to get the most from the controls. Saving costly and time consuming trips to the Tech and keeping your amp sounding better for longer, the CTM-300 features user adjustable bias for each individual power tube which can be set by engaging the bias mode of the dual function VU meter on the front panel. Each output tube is individually fused and user replaceable without removing the unit from its case (meter also indicates tube or fuse failure). To get your tone direct to the desk in the studio or on stage, the CTM-300 features a tube-driven, transformer-derived DI output with an isolated ground to deliver maximum sonic purity and consistent output night after night. Similarly, the front-mounted effects loop is also tube-driven for maximum tonal preservation.

  • Power Output 300 Watts
  • Power Handling 750 Watts
  • Power Requirement 115-240 Volts
  • Speaker Outputs Speakon/Jack
  • Frequency Response 35Hz - 18Khz
  • High Instrument Input 450MV
  • Low Instrument Input 150MV
  • DI Output Valve Driven Transformer Derived
  • Output Impedance 2 Ohm Minimum
  • EQ Passive EQ Section. Bass, Middle and Trebble plus shape push buttons
  • Effects Send Jack
  • Effects Return Jack
  • Pre-Amp Tubes 1 x ECC83 1 x ECC832 1 x ECC99 2 x ECC82
  • Output Tubes 6 x KT88
  • H x W x D (mm) 245 x 595 x 335
  • Weight (kg) 33
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