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Ashdown ADMS1 Studio Compressor Pedal

Ashdown ADMS1 Studio Compressor Pedal

$379.99 Regular Price
$279.99Sale Price

The Studio Compressor has controls for “Threshold”, which sets the level at which the unit starts to limit the signal, “Ratio” which sets the amount of compression and an overall “Gain” control which allows the signal level to adjusted. A low threshold ratio vs a high threshold ratio means how much (or little) the signal will get compressed. Typically, a low threshold compression comes in earlier, capturing the signal and wrapping it sooner before putting it to the amplifier. High threshold compression comes in later - enabling more of the signal from the path to be put out to your amplifier before being compressed. The Studio Compressor features optimised settings for Attack and Release, so no adjustment is required in respect of these. For live use, the compressor can be placed between the pre-amplifier and power amplifier, or instrument and amplifier – and adjusted accordingly. Once stage volume has been determined, the compressor is adjusted so that with excessive playing the amplifier cannot be overloaded. The Studio Compressor will allow players to achieve higher overall average volume output without distortion and help protect the speakers. Of course, the Studio Compressor may also be used as a general compressor rather than a limiter. Whilst some compressors might suck the life out of your instrument, the Ashdown Studio Compressor retains the natural tone of the instrument, whilst still keeping control over your levels.

  • Studio Style Compression with Ratio and Threshold
  • 18 volt – Power Supply Included
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