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G7th C31053 Newport Guitar Capo. Gold Plate

G7th C31053 Newport Guitar Capo. Gold Plate


Improving on existing quick release designs, the Newport flip lever allows you to attach and remove the capo easily and to adjust the tension while in place on the guitar neck. With non-reactive, protective silicone pads at every touchpoint, you can be sure that the finish on your instrument is safe when using a Newport capo. Maintains the tone of your instrument thanks to our carefully engineered string pads, designed to reduce vibration dampening and loss of tone. Our patented Compensated String PadTM allows you to fret all 12 strings at the same time and with the same tension by compensating for the different gauges of strings using carefully designed ridges in the silicone string pad. Create open-style tuning sounds without retuning - get a DADGAD or Open G effect with the 3-string partial or a Drop-D effect with the 5-string partial. Experiment for even more possibilities! All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty. Simply register online.

  • A low-profile, flip lever guitar capo; simply flip the lever to clamp and fine-tune the tension for buzz-free, tuneful use.
  • Harder string pad gives better tone.
  • No metal to wood contact on the neck means no dings!
  • Can be adjusted whilst in position on the neck unlike other flip lever capos.
  • Lightweight and low profile.
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