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Kurzweil CUP410-SR 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano, Rosewood

Kurzweil CUP410-SR 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano, Rosewood

$3,630.00 Regular Price
$2,859.00Sale Price

Housed a contemporary cabinet, the CUP410 offers an 88-note graded-hammer action keyboard with 3-point velocity sensor design. The CUP410 provides a staggering 256 notes of polyphony for seamless performances. Enjoy performing with a variety of instruments including acoustic and electric pianos, harpsichord, clavinet, organs, strings, brass and synths. The acoustic pianos in the CP410 feature string and damper resonance along with key-off samples for added realism. Pair the CUP410 with your favorite Bluetooth wireless device to playback music through its sound system. Enjoy playing along with your favorite pre-recorded backing tracks to enhance your piano performances. The CUP410 offers both USB Audio and MIDI functionality for connecting (Plug and Play) to your USB-equipped computer/tablet. Sustain (with half-damper), Sostenuto and Soft Pedals standard. Half-damper functionality allows different levels of sustain depending on how far you press the pedal. Achieve greater control with multi-pedaling techniques. A built-in, 70 watt, 4-speaker, stereo sound system delivers a rich, detailed tone.

  • OLED Display
  • 256 Voice Polyphony
  • 49 Factory +1 User Preset
  • Adjustable Reverb and Chorus
  • 1 Track Recorder
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