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Martin 18A0117 Luxe by Martin Contour Pick

Martin 18A0117 Luxe by Martin Contour Pick


LUXE BY MARTIN Contour Pick is designed and manufactured by the in-house experts that deliver the guitars you know and trust. It features an asymmetrical design along with unique precision-machined contour bevels to customize your own signature attack. A comfortable satin surface and etched logo offer added grip and less fatigue over long playing sessions. The specially chosen polymer is exceptionally wear-resistant and offers low friction for unadulterated tone, less pick noise, and faster playing. These mechanical properties translate to an exciting balance of rigidity and flexibility, right when you need it.


Manager's note: Honestly, if I'm spending $20 on a guitar pick, it better be made from Princess Diana's femur or something. But hey, if you want one I'll sell it to you!

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