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Remo DP-0250-00 Travel Percussion Drum Pack

Remo DP-0250-00 Travel Percussion Drum Pack

$501.50 Regular Price
$328.88Sale Price

Lightweight, eco-friendly kit nests inside a deluxe padded backpack, which is easy to carry, whether you're traveling by plane, train, automobile, or bicycle. You'll get a big sound from this compact, durable kit with instruments for 10 to 20 people. (1) SR-0203-28- Fx Shaker, 3"X2 1/4", Corroboree Finish. (1) SR-1206-20- Ginga Shaker, 6"X2 1/4", Ginga Finish. (1) SR-2412-27- Didgeharp, 12"X2 1/4", Walkabout Finish. (1) SS-0009-00- Sound Shape, Circle, 9.25" Dia. (10) 29-2426-70- Plastic Egg Shaker, Solid Black. (1) 29-2425-06- Tone Block, Dark Wood, Includes Beater. (1) TA-6106-70- Tambourine, Headless, 6" Dia., 6 Pairs Jingles X 1 Row, Quadura Black. (1) E1-1316-BE-P- Buffalo, Bahia Buffalo Drum, 16" X 3.5" Fixed Bahia Bass, Black Earth. (1) HD-8410-00-Frame Drum, Renaissance, 10" Dia., 2" Depth. (1) HD-8412-00-Frame Drum, Renaissance, 12" Dia., 2.5" Depth. (1) HD-8414-00-Frame Drum, Renaissance, 14" Dia., 2.5" Depth. (1) ET-0016-BG-Deluxe Bag, Black.

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