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Suzuki LTC-1G BangVang

Suzuki LTC-1G BangVang

$299.00 Regular Price
$238.88Sale Price

Suzuki BangVang is an attractive 'go anywhere' Portable Cajón. Due to it's unique internal structure, both high and low tones can be played on the same instrument. Perfect for adults and children alike. Wear the included strap on waist like belt, and you can play it in a stable state while standing, walking around and also putting on the knee. As it is compact, you can play even if you put it on the desk. In the case of a cajon that we sit on an instrument and play, depending on its size, children's foot may not reach to the ground. With Suzuki BangVang, you can play various styles of music, so it is enjoyable by the most easy-to-play style.

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