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How it Works:
St. Augustine is home to a rich and thriving musical community. Many of our local musicians are also highly effective instructors. Our job is to match potential music students with master instructors to assist you in beginning (or continuing) your musical journey!
ACPA handles administration (scheduling and finances) for our instructors for the first month (four lessons). After the first month, students have the option to continue with their instructor independently, for a lower tuition rate.
All it takes is four simple steps:
1.) First, contact us so we can answer any questions you may have, and match you with an instructor.
2.) Contact your instructor using the "Email..." button on his/her faculty profile to confirm availability and location. 
3.) Sign up for your lesson using the "Book Now" button on your instructor's page, and pay tuition to secure the time. Tuition can be paid 'a la carte' (by the lesson) or as part of a monthly plan, for a discounted rate. 
4.) Meet with your instructor and start making music!
Piano Keyboard
Private lesson locations vary by instructor. ACPA instructors teach out of their own studios, in your home, or via ZOOM. Lesson policies and procedures are at the discretion of each instructor. ACPA cannot issue refunds for tuition. 
Are you a professional music instructor interested in joining our team? Please email us here.
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