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Ashdown ADMVC Velvet Compressor Pedal

Ashdown ADMVC Velvet Compressor Pedal

$389.00 Regular Price
$289.00Sale Price

The Velvet Compressor is a simple pedal with advanced circuitry. Just one knob adjusts several parameters simultaneously – Gain, Ratio and Threshold are all synchronised and adjusted with the “Compact” knob whilst Attack and Decay are optimised and pre-set to suit the signal passing through. In use, the Velvet Compressor should be set so that the volume does not change when the pedal is switched on/off. This is achieved by adjusting the “Input” and ‘Output” level controls. The “Input” rotary control has an accompanying 3-band (white blue and red) LED light control to assist you in setting the perfect input level before hitting the compressor. The light tickling the blue being the recommended amount. With your input signal at its optimum, set the overall output of the pedal into the amplifier with the “Output” control. Once set, the “Compact” control is really where it counts… adding more or less compression, whilst retaining dynamics and keeping your sound consistent. While some bass compressors mean you have to compromise on the compression between your high and low strings, which can be particularly difficult for bass players, the Ashdown Velvet Compressor allows precision with every note.

  • Simple single control compression
  • 18 volt – Power Supply Included
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