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Dream Cymbals REFX-CC14 ReFX 14" Crop Circle

Dream Cymbals REFX-CC14 ReFX 14" Crop Circle

$114.99 Regular Price
$84.99Sale Price

The Re-FX crop Circle 14 was developed with astonishing drumming force Scott Pellegrom. Made from our recycling program, we took other manufacturers broken cymbals and made this awesome analogue effect from you drum kit. Use it on your snare to create a electronic drum effect or accent, or drop it on a tom tom or ride cymbal for more sound possibilities. Equipped with 4 pairs of replaceable jingles.

  • Transforms the sound of any drum or cymbal it's played on
  • Made from recycled cymbals each one is unique
  • 14" Diameter cymbal ring
  • 2" wide surface with four tambourine jingles
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